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  • When altering your reactions can affect RTW outcomes  Posted 3 weeks ago
      At Work Options we see many situations where a worker submits a claim for an injury at work, and doesn’t always have the experience they expect. In this case study, we look at a landscape labourer who was suffering from unknown mental health issues, and an employer who could have acted differently to avoid a negative and costly experience for both the employer and worker. Case Study: Ron* was a 38 year old labourer working for a landscaping business ...
  • You suspect a worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, what’s next? Posted 3 weeks ago
    62% of harmful drug and alcohol users in Australia are employed fulltime. Let that sink in… Are you a manager or supervisor who has direct reports? If so, there’s a good chance that one or multiple workers may arrive for work under the influence at some point. Have you ever suspected that this was the case, what did you do? Did you know that you can conduct a reasonable concern interview? In high risk industries workers under the influence of ...
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