F4W© Services - Pre-employment Screens

A good pre-employment screen should be more than a basic medical screen. It should also assess a person against the physical requirements of their role to identify if they can safely perform it. Our F4W© screen does just that. We work with you to identify the inherent physical demands of your roles and customise the F4W© to these.

The F4W© includes:

  • General health screen (BP, vision, heart rate, medical)
  • Physical range of motion testing & manual handling against the physical job demands
  • Instant notification
  • Report 48 hours

Optional extras

  • Drug & alcohol screen (urine, saliva & alcohol)
  • Hearing screen
  • Spirometry lung test
  • Truck Safe Medical
  • Driving Assessment
  • Specialist tests: (blood tests, x-rays)
  • Psychological / Cognitive testing