May 2017

Australian Achiever Awards


99.3% Customer Satisafaction Award 2017 


Company Testimonials

Waste Contractors & Recycling Association

Work Options have consistently provided our Members with a high quality, low cost service. They explain the issues and options clearly, and deliver solutions that save our Members money and heartache. I have no hesitation in recommending them
Tony Khoury
Executive Director, Waste Contractors & Recycling Association

Brandster Services

I found the D&A talk extremely good and the format excellent. I particularly enjoyed working with other employers to analyse real cases - it certainly reinforced the importance of good policies and procedures! I felt on leaving, better prepared to…manage our Company D & A policies and procedures.

Jeff Brandstater
Managing Director,
Brandster Services

Border Express

The D&A pilot program has been a great success. The Work Options system is built specifically for our industry and so has fitted in very easily with our business. I think the way they worked with us and our employees to set the procedure up correctly from the very start has been a key factor in why we have had very few problems. In turn, our employees have responded magnificently and taken the concepts onboard really well – at the end of the day its about a safe working environment, and our people get that.

Craig Olsson
National Compliance & Development Manager,
Border Express

Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd

The Board...instructed me…to enlist a company to provide and manage a Drug & Alcohol System...I interviewed several companies and made a decision to appoint one of these...we had problems from the outset...and I was directed to speak to you by a joint venture partner...A decision was then made to dismiss our original provider and to enlist the services of Work Options. Our initial discussions were very informative and the Policy and Procedures that were presented to Ward were concise and easily understood. A number of training sessions were then organised throughout NSW and interstate. This training was conducted very professionally by a member of your staff who was able to answer all the questions asked and discuss a number of scenarios...It was very pleasing to see that the implementation of the system was conducted in such a smooth and efficient manner.

Paul Bird,
Business Systems Manager,
Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd

SIMS Metal Management

Sims Metals is focused on providing a safe work environment in a complex industry. When the decision was made to introduce a Drug & Alcohol Screening program we were fortunate to have Work Options recommended to us as anexpert in this field,able todevelop a tailored solution, launch the plan to achieve acceptance at all levels of the organisation, and provide ongoing maintenance, expert advice and support.The success of our program has exceeded all our expectations, and with the support of our key contact Employee Services Manager, Sims Metals continues to gain exceptional value from our 'partnership' with Work Options

Liza Sharpe,
SHEC Manager - NSW/ACT,
SIMS Metal Management

Survey Form Responses


"CM's were highly professional and effective."

"CM was excellent and very efficient and professional."

"Considering the difficulty & length of this claim, I am very pleased with the result."

"Excellent approach & follow up of all. CM's are all great. Keep up the good work."

"CM was very pleasant and approachable. Very happy with your service."

"My CM performed wonderfully. Use this CM as a benchmark and all your clients would benefit. Thankyou"

"Horrible situation. Don't know how we'd have solved anything without CM's support. Very grateful."


"The service has been really great. My consultant always returned calls and was very professional".

"CM was a very professional person and answered every question I had."

"I have been very pleased with the efficiency of your consultants. Thank you."

"CM was absolutely fantastic. A nice change to have someone who is prompt and efficient”

"The employer was extremely impressed with the CM's management of this file. Nil improvement required by you. You're still the best!"

"My client employer was very happy. Well done!"

"Nothing extra for you to do, just maintain this level of services!"

"A pleasure working with this CM (eg. professional approach, rapid ID of potential issues)"

"You are receptive to insurer needs & costs. Reports are concise & timely. Outcome achieved."


"Thanks for the excellent help, advice, great resume, support & phone calls over the case

CM gave me info others hadn't. Most helpful."

"CM was genuinely concerned - even the doctor commented so. Made it easier for me to deal with the stress."

"Prompt, regular and invaluable. If this is indicative I would be hard pressed to suggest improvement. Keep up the good work guys!"

"Very grateful to CM's for the great help. They enabled me to get another job. Thanks a lot"

"Comforting to know my CM was understanding & very helpful. I applaud her humanism immensely."

"CM helped me out in every aspect of my ordeal. She helped me more than I can repay. Thanks."

"20 our of 10 for the CMs professionalism and communication skills. Work Options was the only person involved who didn't need to improve. Again, thankyou very much."

"I found my CM to be very helpful. If there was a problem I called him & he sorted it & let me know"

"CM introduced me back to workforce after quite a long time. I am extremely grateful."

"All services I received from all consultant were extremely professional and capable."