Workplace Drug Testing

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Workplace  Drug Testing

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Workplace Drug Testing

Growing issue of drug & alcohol use in the workplace

When it comes to the growing issue of drug & alcohol use in the workplace, employers are justified in feeling overwhelmed and unsure on how to best manage this complex problem. There is a minefield of laws, regulations, scientific facts and myths to be aware of. Making the right decisions are critical to minimising risk and cost to your business.

That is where Work Options comes in!

Our team of experts will guide you through the obstacles, skillfully navigating to keep your business safe from the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

Workplace Drug & Alcohol

Management Services

  • National coverage - 24/7
  • Policy & procedure development & implementation
  • Legislative compliance
  • Onsite & offsite testing 
  • Saliva, urine & alcohol breath testing
  • Random, blanket, post-incident, concern, pre-employment testing
  • NATA accredited testers & laboratories
  • Australian Standards equipment
  • Workforce & union consultation
  • Training – workers, managers & D&A Officers
  • Telephone support line

Do your know the real cost of Drug & Alcohol use in the workplace?

Drug & alcohol use in the workplace costs Australian businesses considerably more than most realize. It contributes significantly to absenteeism, productivity, workplace injuries & claims and WHS incidents. For example:

25% of work accidents involve alcohol or drugs 

10% of work deaths involve alcohol or drugs 

62% of harmful drug and alcohol users are employed full time 

3X higher absenteeism & sick leave in alcohol or drugs users

$4b annual cost to business due to drug and alcohol accidents, illness absenteeism and productivity 

5x higher Workers compensation claims  in alcohol or drugs users 

Can your business afford this?


Benefits of Managing Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace

  • Fewer accidents - safer workplace - less risk
  • Less absenteeism - less cost
  • Improved productivity 
  • Better business image - win more customers
  • Employer of choice - less turnover 

Customer Benefits & Rewards

  • Customer support program - seminars, access to FAQs, newsletters, alerts, case law and updates
  • Preferred supplier to the civil construction and waste management industries
  • Dedicated account manager