Systems Support

Work Options can provide you with a complete system with all the necessary documentation, tailored to reflect your organisation’s requirements. Our team of experts work with you to determine the risk factors for your business, testing methodology, volume and frequency levels.

The following documentation is provided:

  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol procedure chapter tailored and ready to fit into the Company’s WHS manual
  • Employee FAQ booklet on the Company’s procedure, and
  • Proformas necessary to administer the system

Consultation, Implementation & Training

Work Options facilitate the legally mandated consultation process with all employees, including management and employer representatives, and train them on the system. Three modules of training are provided at implementation and as ongoing refreshers:

  • General information on Drugs and Alcohol, including impact on work performance and social cost of misus, WHS obligations of employee and employer.
  • For Supervisors & Employee WHS Reps: Observation and identification skills, Privacy, Management of employees under a Drug and Alcohol Management Plan
  • For DAP Designated Persons: Interviewing a person of concern to determine if a ‘reasonable concern’ exists.

Testing & Scheduling

Work Options manage both the scheduling and conduct of your testing, allowing you to remain at ‘arms length’ from the process.

Employee Issues Management

Our team of experts provide necessary support, access to treatment and rehabilitation via our confidential telephone help line from which employees can seek information and through an individual Drug & Alcohol Management Plan.

Our experts will also provide advice, information and support to you and your management team on test results, technical queries and how to manage employees with drug & alcohol issues.