State Workers Compensation

Whatever you plan to do with your business, getting control over the cost of workers compensation claims has to be a top priority.

The most common concern we hear from employers is the cost and stress of workers compensation claims on their business. Not only do claims significantly impact on their premium, but also on the productivity, efficiency and culture of their business. Employers often feel unsure on how to best manage work injuries. There is a minefield of laws, regulations and medical facts to be aware of. Making the right decisions is critical to minimising risk and cost to your business.

With the highest cost of a claim being wages paid to the worker whilst off work, we understand that early intervention is the key to reducing these costs. Work Options can assist employers with the return to work of injured workers – quickly & sustainably.

That is where Work Options comes in!

Our team of injury management experts will guide you through the obstacles, skilfully navigating the return to work of your injured employees quickly and safely, whilst minimising claim costs.